4 Facts About Vaginal Lumps

The vagina consists of an internal mucous membrane and a muscular coat separated by a layer of erectile tissues. It is lubricated by Bartholin’s glands, situated at the opening in front. The vagina is vulnerable to various infectious diseases, especially gonorrhea, but also scarlet fever, measles and trichomoniasis, a protozoan infection causing diarrhea and persistent discharge. Vaginal mycosis is a fungus infection of the vagina that causes intense itching. Having vaginal lumps is another vaginal problem which can become uncomfortable because it causes soreness and itchiness. It may grow for lots of grounds. If you want to establish the causes of vaginal lumps, it is important to talk the matter with your physician. Also, it pays to know more facts about it.

Fact #1: Causes of Vaginal Lumps

Vaginal LumpsIt is important that you should seek the advice of your doctor in determining the causes of vaginal lumps so that you can be given the right type of medication for the condition. Genital warts, for one is a common cause. These are produced by way of human papillomavirus and are transmitted through sexual contact with an individual who has the virus. The warts cannot result to soreness and will disappear in due course of time.

Also, vaginal lumps may result from genital herpes. This is another type of sexually transmitted disease (STD) that can cause soreness and itchiness. There is still no cure available for this kind of disease as of 2010. On the other hand, you can relieve the soreness and itchiness by means of putting on creams.

Other causes include ingrown hair. This happens once the pubic hair coils back as well as develops out of line and shoves all the way through the skin. This can result to vaginal lumps that are commonly noticeable several days following shaving. Lastly, Bartholin’s gland may also be established as one of its causes. If the lump is situated in the region of the vaginal hole, it might be considered Bartholin’s gland. These glands’ lubricate the vagina and once they are obstructed, cyst can grow. This will only turn out to be a predicament once the cyst is contaminated.

Fact #2: Remedies for Vaginal Lumps

As soon as the source of the vaginal lump is determined, your doctor will already establish the means on how it will be remedied. One of the medication alternatives can be a surgical process, which is frequently done in a doctor’s clinic only.

Fact #3: Determining the Possibilities of Having Vaginal Lumps

Once your physician starts examining your pelvis, he will determine if there is an occurrence of lumps in your vaginal wall. He might obtain a sample to be submitted for biopsy in order to disregard vaginal cancer, particularly if the lump seems to be unyielding. Benign growths in the vagina are unusual, but commonly made up of cysts. If the lump is situated beneath the bladder or urethra, x-rays might be needed to establish that the lump does not include these configurations.

Fact #4: The Importance of Vaginal Lump Testing

Habitual assessment or study of the lumps might become the sole remedy required. Surgical removal might as well be chosen or even needed if the lump is producing indications.

Vaginal lumps may cause too much discomfort especially during sex. You have to make sure you know facts about it before you even get rid of one.

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