How to Calculate Fat Burning Zone

A fat burning zone refers to the target heart rate range that is supposed to help people lose weight quickly. During long workouts with low intensity rate, about 60 percent of calories you burn come from fat rather than carbohydrates. But during high intensity workouts, about 35 percent of calories burned come from fat.Calculate Fat Burning Zone

According to experts, low intensity workouts can promote fat loss; you just need to do it frequently and for a long period of time. Also, you need to allow your body to recover, achieve optimal health, and promote weight loss by alternating low intensity and high intensity workouts for the body’s health. When you are a sprinter, you use your muscles up to their limits and to such a powerful extent. Your body will respond by growing bigger and stronger, while an average thread mill walker has skinny arms and gut. For most people who are trying to achieve stronger and bigger muscles, a combination of fat burning zone is the key. Let us then learn how to calculate the fat burning zone.

Tip #1: Use a formula.

The calculation will start with 180 minus your age (a) for the fat burning zone upper limit target heart rate (z). This is 180-a=z.

Tip #2: Check your pulse every time you exercise.

Take your pulse for at least 15 seconds (p) then, you need to multiply this by 4 to get your heart rate (h) for a minute. This is the rate of your heart during exercise or training. For example, (p)x15 seconds is equal to h.

Tip #3: Stay within the zone.

You should stay in the fat burning zone and your heart rate must stay below or at z (fat burning zone upper heart rate limit during exercise or training) calculated in step 1. Most exercising machines have calculations that will give a range depending on your age (the zone- an upper and lower limit).

Tip #4: Make a calculation using Karvonen Formula

You need to calculate your MHR (maximum heart rate). Calculate 220 minus your current age = MHR. Calculate your Resting Heart Rate or RHR. Take your pulse for 15 seconds when you wake up in the morning or have been fully relaxed. Multiply these by 4 to get your resting heart rate for 1 minute. Plug your MHR and RHR with this formula by using 85 percent, and you can also use 65 percent for fat burning zone.

Tip #5: Get the upper limit and lower limit.

For the upper limit of your fat burning zone, plug 85 percent, and 65 or 75 percent in the percentage of maximum for the lower limit of your fat burning zone. This is now the calculation a fat burning zone or range to aim for during your workout.

Combine your workout with low intensity exercise with high intensity workouts to get the most benefit from exercise. This can improve cardiovascular health, burning fat, improving flexibility, toning, and conditioning the body. Always look for the guidance and advice of a qualified doctor before embarking on a new diet or weight loss plan. You just need to determine the right fat burning zone or target heart rates.

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